“Do the spirits watch the Super Bowl?” If Grandpa was a football fan when he was alive, he’s still a football fan. He’ll be in Indianapolis cheering for his favorite team (maybe it will be the Lions someday—hey we dream, can’t we).

From my experience, the essence of a person does not alter too much once they have crossed over.  Whether a person died two days ago or 22 years ago, their personality stays the same.  If they were outspoken and quick tempered in life, they remain that way in spirit.

An early morning reading I had with Dani is a good example of this. She had barely sat down and..WHAM..Her brother who passed 6 years ago immediately came through. I saw his bright red aura and his energy was extremely powerful. His first message was loud and fast. He said, “Dani, when are you going to dump that no good lazy SOB husband of yours?” Dani was delighted because she knew these words were coming from her brother who always referred to her husband as a “lazy SOB.”  The rest of the messages were peppered with a few off-color remarks. He ended by saying to his sister, “Hey, I ain’t become no Mother Theresa over here.”

But what about a person who passes after a long illness?  Their psychical body may have become weak, but their spirit still reflects their essence.  Monica came to me to try and connect with her father who passed from Alzheimer’s Disease many years ago.  His energy was a vivid blue and very easy to understand.  He said that he heard everything Monica said to him and was sorry he could not respond.  He wanted her to know that he was glad to be able to enjoy golf again, but he wasn’t too pleased about the Tiger Woods scandal. In short, her dad is no longer a confused, bed-ridden patient—he is happy, articulate, active, and improving his golf game.

It’s good to remember this when choosing which loved one you want to re-connect with.  If your mom was a nurturing, warm, and understanding person, you should pray to her when you need comforting and she will help to wipe your tears away. If your grandpa was a highly decorated military man, pray to him if you are afraid to ask your boss for a raise—he will give you the courage. 

Maybe you are unclear about the temperament of your relatives who have crossed. If this is the case, then turn to the numerous saints and angels.  Because of their incredible history, each one has attributes to help whatever you need. If you just adopted a new puppy, develop a relationship with the Archangel Ariel.  Ariel is the angel who protects the animals. The ice fishermen who sit in their shanty hoping for a lake trout can pray to St. Andrew, the Saint for Fisherman. Maybe Octomom Nadya Suleman prayed to St. Gerard (Saint for Motherhood/fertility) and conceived her octuplets.

So on February 5th, if you want to know what team to lay down your hard earned cash on, pray to Saint Vince Lombardi.  He may not give you the answer, but he’ll appreciate the honor of being thought of as a saint.