Upon Entry

Do not knock! Please enter through the front door and quietly take a seat in the lobby. Julia Mary will come out to greet you at your scheduled time. If you need to use the restroom while you wait, facilities are available on the second floor of The Center For Natural Healing. Please arrive a few minutes early.


Julia Mary can only accept cash transactions. Please have your payment ready immediately following your reading.
Julia Mary does not charge extra if you exceed your allotted appointment time.

Cancellation Policy

Julia Mary does not require a deposit or pre-payment to book a reading because she trusts that her clients will show up at their scheduled time. Therefore, appointments that are cancelled without 2 business days of notice will NOT be rescheduled. Of course, if an emergency situation occurs, that will be taken into consideration. Just call and let us know!

If you cancel your appointment, we offer it to those on our Waiting List. Appointments cannot be transferred.