"If you're a Psychic, tell me the winning lottery numbers."  I have heard that taunt so often but haven’t come up with a concise reply until now. The next time I'm asked I will hand them this column. Hopefully they will gain insight in to what a Psychic Medium does (and maybe The Beacon will gain another subscriber).

A Psychic Medium receives info from those who passed.  The messages vary according to each person’s situation.  I have no control over whom I connect with or what they sayI can give my clients winning lottery numbers if the spirits give me the numbers.  So far, they haven't.  

This is not to say I have never helped my clients prosper. Debbie came to me for closure after her mom passed, not in order to hit the jackpot. Her mom urged her to play a specific slot machine at MGM Grand. Debbie went, put in a quarter, and won $500 on the first pull. Not too shabby. When Leah’s sister came through, she described the location of a missing engagement ring—it was hanging on a door hook behind a blue bathrobe.

Most of my clients aren't looking to become rich or to locate lost items, but they do want specifics--everything from "What is the secret ingredient in my mom’s spaghetti sauce" to "Who is the father of my twins?" (I have to admit, that last one threw me!) It would be wonderful if I were given all the answers. Since our loved ones didn't always give us what we wanted when they were here, we shouldn’t expect them to when they cross over.

Instead of focusing on what you want to hear, it is better to be thankful for what you receive. I re-connected Amanda with her dad who died before she was born. Among other things, he assured her that he would be with her at her June wedding in Texas and he loved that her brother Mark was escorting her down the aisle to “Endless Love”.  He was pleased that her fiancee Brad was a MSU graduate. I felt this had been a strong session--lots of indications showing dad is still in her life.  But Amanda wondered why he didn’t reference her nickname. Obviously dad felt it was more important to give approval of her upcoming nuptials than to say “Amanda Panda".

My client Joan had been praying to her grandpa for tangible evidence that he is in heaven. She would be convinced if she saw three blue jays on her fence. There were robins and blackbirds but not a single blue jay appeared. It saddened her that he did not meet her demands. During the reading grandpa admonished Joan for lack of faith and reminded her that he didn’t like birds. He enjoyed tinkering with clocks and said she would see a broken watch as a sign he is happy. Joan's eyes welled up with tears as she opened her purse and showed me a smashed-up watch she had just found in the Macomb Mall parking lot.

If becoming a millionaire is your motivation for having a Psychic Reading, you will probably be disappointed. From my experience, readings contain messages of guidance and healing. Given the option of receiving a winning lottery number or hearing that my grandma is honored I named my daughter Maria Josephine after her, the choice is simple.  Every message is a blessing more valuable than a winning ticket. After all, there are some things you can’t put a price on.