Can Julia Mary predict my future?

No. Julia Mary is not a prophet. Predictions imply that we have no free will and our future is not set in stone. Julia Mary can guide you on your path and help you decide upon the best course of action based upon the information she receives during your reading.

What types of services does Julia Mary offer?

Psychic Readings, Spirit Connection Readings, Couples and Group Reading and Tarot Cards. Julia does NOT do in-home parties, telephone readings, or removal of curses.

How long do the appointments last?

Each appointment lasts an average of 45 minutes. Julia Mary is committed to providing a thorough reading, so if your appointment last a few minutes longer, you are NOT charged additional for the extra time.

How do I schedule an appointment with Julia Mary?

Call 586.935.8542 and leave your first name and phone number(s). Calls are returned in the order in which they were received. Julia Mary is typically booked five to six months in advance. Appointments are not transferable. Do NOT contact the Center for Natural Healing.

Where is the office located?

Julia Mary’s office is located inside of the Center for Natural Healing, 1103 South Washington, Royal Oak, MI 48067

What are office hours?

Evening readings are on Monday and Tuesday. Afternoon readings are on Wednesday. Morning readings are on Thursday. Expedited, emergency, and weekend readings are available at an additional cost. No walk-in appointments.

What is Julia's Cancellation Policy?

Julia Mary does not require a deposit or pre-payment to book a reading because she trusts that her clients will show up for their scheduled time. Therefore, appointments that are cancelled without 2 business days of hours notice will NOT be rescheduled. If you cancel your appointment, we offer it to those on our Waiting List. Appointments cannot be transferred.

How do I pay for my reading?

Cash Payments are expected at the time of the reading. Checks or Credit Card payments are NOT accepted.

Will Julia Mary tape-record my reading?

No. You are welcome to bring a recording device with you--cell phone, tape recorder, etc. Julia Mary does not provide cassette tapes. You can also bring a notebook and take notes during your session.

Can I bring a friend/family with me to the reading?

Yes. Guests are welcome to accompany you and quietly wait in the Reception Area during your reading.

Can my spouse or friend sit in and listen during my reading?

Yes! Couples and Group readings are available. Please refer to the "Couples and Group Reading" info on the Services and Cost Page for additional details.

Do I have to wait 6 months to see Julia Mary?

For emergency situations, Julia Mary will extend her hours, come in on a weekend/day off, and open up her office for you. There is an additional charge. Please refer to Expedited Readings on the Services and Cost Page.